Proposition Consultants / Senior Proposition Managers

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01 November 2020
Location: Edinburgh
Salary: Competitive Salary
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Job Description

Competitive Salary & Benefits Package


Fixed-term contracts 6 to 24 Months

Flexible Location - Edinburgh / Birmingham / London

Havent we all have dreamt of working in pensions and savings…well maybe not. But wed guess you want to work in an environment where your views are respected, and you are given the autonomy to make decisions and lead change.

What we do

The Standard Life brand has resonated in the pension and savings space for a long time now, but that doesnt mean that we can sit back and relax. We are approaching our markets with a renewed sense of purpose and ambition and are looking to evolve our propositions in line with changes in our clients and customers needs to get, and stay, ahead of the game.

Our UK Proposition team is tasked with doing exactly that. The team sets the direction for how we meet the needs of our clients and our customers, and how best we engage them in doing so. We have exciting opportunities for Senior Proposition Managers and Proposition Consultants across our Proposition teams to shape our future our offerings. These roles are fixed term across our customer, workplace and adviser channels, ranging from 6 24 months.


What we look for in our people

Constantly curious: youll find yourself thinking “I wonder if…” and coming out with a new way of doing things that has never occurred to us. No idea is too out there. Never one to be constrained by the limits of what is; you are agile on your feet and excited by the prospect of what could be.

Able to navigate the complex world of pensions: youll understand the interconnected nature of our markets, including the different roles advisers, trustees, employers and customers can play and what we need to consider when developing propositions.

Customer centric: you live and breathe the customer.  You understand them, you advocate for them and you create propositions for them.  Supporting customers and making a difference in their lives is the reason you get out of bed in the morning.

Seeing the bigger picture:  you dont need to be Nostradamus, but we do need you to have a handle on the key trends and drivers in the industry, what is shaping them and why.

Passionate advocate: your enthusiasm and belief in your work really comes across and you are comfortable showcasing to colleagues, senior stakeholders and our clients. The world is a stage and its your curtain call.


Senior Proposition Mangers

For our Senior Proposition Manager roles, were looking for the following talents:

Engaging and agile leader:  youre comfortable in leading, motivating and empowering cross-functional teams to identify and deliver enhancements to improve our propositions and customer engagements.

Quick to join the dots: youll thrive on the complexity of our industry and the scale of our work. Youll spot connections across the business and have the confidence and ability to bring them together Youll make decisions by considering problems from all angles, from customer outcome to commercial, risk to strategic direction.

An effective plate spinner:  You have a range of experience and are skilled in working on a number of different types of projects at the same time by effectively managing their relative priority and ongoing deadlines.  Youre also able to provide support and guidance to the Proposition Consultants in the team, sharing your experience and views to help shape their activities and personal development.

Commercially savvy: not only are you the first to spot a big opportunity, but you are able to identify potential pitfalls and take steps to avoid these; its about being commercial within a risk management mind set.

Proposition Consultants

And for our Proposition Consultant roles, were looking for the following talents:

Trend spotting: choose life, choose a job, choose this job, and then report on the key trends by analysing complex data sets to help us evolve our propositions.

Dealing with curveballs: things dont always go to plan, but youll have the composure, resilience and drive to get the project back on track.

Problem solving: we need you to be able to identify challenges and come up with solutions to address these. Dont come with problems come with answers!

A great storyteller: not only can you spot the trends, your impressive communication skills mean you are able to play your conclusions back to a variety of stakeholders in an engaging way.

Instinctive intuition: drawing on your personal skills and experience youll be able to read people and situations using your initiative to identify when something doesnt seem quite right.



People are more than qualifications. So we might like (but certainly wont insist on)…

Being educated to degree level or equivalent professional qualification

A relevant business qualification

Experience in UK financial services (e.g. banking, insurance, pensions)

And if you are one of us then…

You do the right thing, not the easy thing

As well as delivering results, you like to have a great time in your role and are always keen to bring a sense of fun to the team

Being in tune with your colleagues and stakeholders comes naturally youre the first to spot when Sam in Accounts could be doing with a cup of tea and a chat

It doesnt matter what the question is, you always know who will have the answer. You are known for your ability to build and maintain great working relationships across the business on your mission to make it happen

Closing date: Sunday 1st November 2020.

Work Permit:

All applicants must be based in the UK and confirm that they are able to prove their eligibility to work in the UK.